The Legal Stuff

GPI Disclaimers

  1. All work performed and services rendered by GPI are subject to the terms and conditions stipulated below. This includes both specialist pump and tank work and general maintenance and contracting services.

  2. All quotations are valid for 30 days from date of quotation. GPI reserves the right to adjust prices on imported equipment and material due to exchange rate fluctuations.

  3. Quotations become binding agreements between GPI and the customer once the customer has signed acceptance of the quote within the 30 day period and returned it to GPI.

  4. Where the quotation provides for payment of any deposit and/or progress payments, GPI reserves the right not to commence work until the deposit has been paid, and to halt work where progress payments have not been made.

  5. In the absence of any written agreement to the contrary, all invoices are payable in full within 30 days of presentation of invoice.

  6. All amounts quoted are exclusive of Value Added Tax (Vat).

  7. The customer agrees that it shall not be entitled to apply any set-off or retention other than as may be stated in the signed acceptance of quotation.

  8. It is a specific term of the contract between GPI and the customer that GPI retains ownership of all goods and equipment supplied and installed by GPI until such time as the customer has paid GPI's invoice in full, at which time ownership of such goods and materials will be deemed to have passed to the customer.

  9. The customer acknowledges that, notwithstanding the provisions of clause 8 above, risk in and to all goods and equipment supplied and/or installed by GPI shall pass to the customer upon the earlier of delivery or installation.

  10. While GPI shall endeavour to conduct and complete all work in the required time period, the customer accepts that GPI cannot be held liable for any delay caused by circumstances beyond its control.

  11. The standard GPI one year on-site warranty shall commence upon the date of GPI's invoice.

  12. Where the customer fails to make payment by the due date, GPI reserves the right to refuse to honour the warranty until such time as all overdue amounts have been settled.

  13. Unless stated otherwise in the quotation, it is the customer's responsibility to obtain all approvals, permits and licenses required from any regulatory authority.

  14. The customer acknowledges that GPI may suspend work at any stage due to safety considerations.

  15. GPI shall not be liable for any loss or damage occasioned by delays due to circumstances beyond its control, including weather delays.

  16. GPI reserves the right to levy additional charges in respect of any unforeseen additional work where excavations are involved.< >Any services not clearly marked and indicated and that are damaged during the course of excavations will be repaired by GPI. The customer acknowledges it will be invoiced accordingly for such additional work.Unless specifically indicated otherwise, all prices quoted for excavations are based on pickable soil. Any adverse soil conditions encountered will be charged for separately at GPI's prevailing Standard Schedule of Rates.The validity of all Integrity Test results is limited to the time that the test was conducted.

  17. Any variation to the work must be directed to GPI in writing and signed by the customer and shall be subject to additional charges, which are to be communicated to the customer prior to commencing such work.

  18. The customer agrees not to vary any order to or pay any GPI supplier or sub-contractor directly without GPI's prior written approval.

  19. All pricing listed on the GPI website is indicative pricing only and is subject to confirmation by GPI.

  20. Any quotation provided by GPI's automated online quotation tool is an indicative quotation and is subject to confirmation by GPI.



  1. The information contained in this e-mail and any attachments thereto is directed solely for the attention of the intended addressee/recipient and may be confidential in nature.

  2. Access by persons other than the intended recipient is unauthorized and may be unlawful.

  3. If you are not the intended recipient of this email you are not authorised to retain, distribute, copy or reply upon this  and you should immediately delete such email and advise the sender accordingly.

  4. While GPI has taken reasonable precautions, we cannot guarantee that this email is free of viruses or has not been corrupted or interfered with.

  5. The views expressed in this email are not necessarily those of GPI and/or its management and should not be relied upon as such without confirmation

  6. GPI makes no warranty that the sender was authorised to create and send this email.

  7. GPI reserves the right to monitor, filter, read, view,copy, block and/or intercept email traffic in accordance with its email policy.

  8. No email sent to GPI shall be deemed to have been received until it has been responded to. An "Auto response" reply shall not constitute a response.

  9. The email address of the sender may not be used, copied, sold, disclosed, shared or incorporated into any database without prior consent of the sender and GPI.

  10. GPI and the sender of this email shall not be liable for any damages of whatsoever nature, whether direct, indirect or consequential as a result of any person acting or relying upon the contents of this email or any attachment thereto.

  11. This email legal notice replaces and takes precedence over any other email notice or disclaimer attached to emails from GPI.

  12. This email legal notice shall be governed by the laws of South Africa.

  13. This email legal notice is enforceable and binding upon the addressee/recipient in terms of section 11(1) to 11(3) of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002.

  14. GPI is the trading name of General Petroleum Installations CC, registration number 1991/017811/23 of 5 Industrial Road, Swartkops, Port Elizabeth, 6209 and PO Box 275, Swartkops, 6210. The member is O Mouton. The website address is